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Merrill Center back on track
They’re painting the town
The past is always present

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MAKO 4matic CTP


Printers struggle with the effects of variation throughout the production process, from prepress to final presswork. This variation robs the printer of the ability to maintain the consistent quality needed to provide customers with the best possible product in the most efficient manner possible.

To meet the challenge, printers have turned to digital workflows because they promise "digital image integrity" in the print production process. By eliminating film in platemaking, computer-to-plate (CTP) removes the last remaining non-digital step before the press.

Mako Plate Setter

But providing digital plate imaging integrity depends on more than just going direct to plate - it requires an imaging method that has digital integrity itself. Success with CTP ultimately depends on imaging plates accurately and consistently, despite the normal plate and imaging tolerances and variations that exist in real-world production environments.

All the benefits of CTP - faster make-readies, higher quality presswork, more consistent reprints, and less waste - depend on the quality of the image on the printing plates. Plates carry only the tones of an image, while ink hue, density, and presswork determine final color. Small tone differences in the plate, caused by the normal tolerances and variations that occur in any plate-imaging process, can result in large color shifts in presswork requiring on-press compensation and compromising quality, consistency, and productivity.

The MAKO 4matic is an automated, full-featured 4-page Tab and 8-page magazine CTP solution. The MAKO 4matic delivers productivity and reliability by using a straight-through plate path with no complex load/unload cycle. Plates stored in a light-tight cassette are automatically fed to the integrated pin registration system. Using the same configuration as the press provides excellent repeatability, easy plate mounting and shorter makereadies.

Once registered, the plate is moved under the violet imaging laser by ECRM's patented precision drive system, before being automatically transferred to a suitable online processor.The MAKO accommodates the widest range of 2, 4, 6 and 8-page presses, the 4matic has the ability to deliver in excess of 20 4-up plates per hour at 2540 dpi.The MAKO 4matic can accommodate any plate size between 15.15" x 15.15" (385 mm x 385 mm) and 25.0" x 36.5" (635 mm x 927 mm). Our plate size being 23.5" x 35".

  • MAKO 4matic CTP platesetter –photopolymer or silver halide capability
  • 250-plate cassette – with trolley for easy loading
  • Computer platform – pre-configured Intel Pentium 4
  • CtServer Pro Software - ECRM's enhanced 1-bit TIFF server
  • Processor bridge – online connection to processor
  • Slip sheet removal system
Raptor 85 Polymer HW plate processor
Raptor 85 Polymer HW incorporates leading-edge product design and styling, innovative full featured processing in a compact, space saving “small footprint” application.

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