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To the editor,
In response to the opinion from Mr. Scheifley (April 1 letters to the editor), I only can think he wrote it as a provocateur. The conclusions are so far removed from reality that it’s hard to imagine anyone could actually believe them, although we know they do.

To the editor,
Nationally, April is recognized as Child Abuse Prevention Month.  Although the connection may not seem obvious, child abuse is a major contributing factor to opioid and heroin abuse. In one study, it was found that for women, 78 percent of injected drug use can be attributed to adverse childhood experiences.

Thursday, 12 April 2018 09:04

Property assessment touches all residents

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To the editor,
Each year Wisconsin law requires property assessors throughout the state to estimate the value of taxable property. The estimates, called assessments, are used in property tax calculations. Unlike many local government services, there is nothing heroic or exciting about the property assessment process. It is, however, an important service that touches all residents, property owners and visitors to our community.

Wisconsin’s open government laws were meant to strengthen our democracy by ensuring an informed electorate. But sometimes, transparency is about more than democracy — it is about human health, with serious consequences when transparency fails.

Thursday, 05 April 2018 14:16

Community spirit shines at county park egg hunt

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To the editor,
Friends of Carver-Roehl County Park would like to thank the hundreds of children and their families who attended our annual Easter Egg Hunt on Sunday, March 25, at Carver-Roehl County Park. More than 3,500 candy-filled eggs were “hunted” by eager children ages 0 to 12 on a beautiful, brisk, sunny day in the park.

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