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WALWORTH COUNTY SUNDAY -- Brian Porter credits two men for influencing him and his life the most. The first was his late father, Bob, who moved the family from Elgin, Illinois, to Walworth County.

“Our dad never was a great (yacht) racer, but he loved sailing,” said Porter, 57, who is a 1976 Big Foot High School graduate. “My older brother, John, and I were four years apart, but we always were close, and we have been out on the water here since we were kids because of our father.

“The club made him a trophy once because he tipped over five times and still finished the race,” Porter said with a chuckle. “Like I said, Dad wasn’t much of a racer, but he loved the water and moved us up here.”

BELOIT -- A day of activities and music is being held to educate people about organ and tissue donation.

DELAVAN -- It is 1 p.m. on Thursday, July 30, and a large cargo van is pulling into the parking lot at Veterans Park in Delavan. Near the rear doors, simple magnetic signs proclaim the van’s mission: "Delavan-Darien Bookmobile -- Let’s Read," with a bespectacled green bookworm propped against a stack of books doing just that.

ROCK COUNTY -- Julianna, the Janesville mother of a bright-eyed infant, says the new eWIC card will make purchasing food for her young family a lot more convenient.

BELOIT—The city of Beloit is cautioning the public after two city employees spotted a cougar in Big Hill Park earlier this week.


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