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BELOIT -- John Sabaka’s vast toy collection has been stored away for many years in boxes in his basement, but now those toys have been released from their long hibernation.

Sabaka, of Beloit, recently donated some of his collection to the Beloit Historical Society’s new toy exhibit, which is located in the Lincoln Center, 845 Hackett St. The exhibit features toys and games from the 1950s to the 1980s.

Wednesday, 23 September 2015 10:42

Rough landing injures skydiver

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TOWN OF TURTLE -- An apparent hard landing sent a Rock County man to the hospital last Sunday, Sept. 20, 2015, in a skydiving accident at the Beloit Airport.

Wednesday, 23 September 2015 10:37

Sex offender to move to Portand Avenue in Beloit

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BELOIT — A convicted sex offender will be moving to a home in Beloit and corrections officials are notifying neighbors.

Michael G. Quade, 34, who has two sexual assault convictions, will be released from the Rock Valley Community Program Oct. 5 and will move into a home at 1216 Portland Ave. in Beloit, according to the Wisconsin Department of Community Corrections.

WALWORTH COUNTY SUNDAY -- For a little more than 40 years, WBSD 89.1 FM has been providing music and entertainment to area residents who want to listen to the favorite songs they grew up with as well as some from newer artists.

Thomas Gilding, WBSD general manager, said if you walk into a Burlington-area business, most likely a radio is tuned into 89.1.

Editor’s note: Saving Downtown is an award-winning series by freelance writer Lisa Schmelz exploring how Walworth County communities are breathing new life into their historic downtown districts. This is the fifth installment. Visit other towns in the Saving Downtown series by going online to

WALWORTH COUNTY SUNDAY -- Last Sunday morning, a table was hard to come by at Daddy Maxwell’s in Williams Bay. Two hours before the Packers-Bears kickoff, this igloo-shaped diner felt as crowded as Soldier Field -- provided one made the proper per-capita and square-footage adjustments and was still prone to exaggeration.

But folks here didn’t mind waiting for a table, being elbow-to-elbow at the counter or shoulder-to-shoulder along the western wall, where a row of tables overflowed with locals and weekend visitors. The mood was jovial. Conversations were a mix of politics, town gossip, including whether or not the cashier should be allowed to wear a Bears jersey in Packers country, and the glorious fall weather of the moment. There was also much pontificating as to where downtown Williams Bay started and stopped, and even more specifically, if Daddy Maxwell’s could claim to be a part of downtown Williams Bay.


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