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STATELINE NEWS -- Al Qaeda militants killed Luke Somers, a Beloit College graduate, and a South African captive in Yemen during a raid conducted by U.S. forces to rescue the men, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said Saturday, according to CNN.

JANESVILLE TOWNSHIP -- Police are searching for a town of Janesville man who hasn't been heard from since October.

JANESVILLE MESSENGER --Janesville City Council Vice President Sam Liebert announced today (Dec. 5, 2014) that he will run for re-election.

Liebert, the longest-serving member of the current council, wrote on Facebook, "Neighbors and friends: After long discussions with family, friends and neighbors, I've concluded that my duty is to continue serving on the City Council.

"With so many major issues still facing our city, I believe my experience on the council and my ability to work across different levels of the community ensures that I can remain an effective voice for every Janesville citizen."

Council president DuWayne Severson decided months ago that he would not run for another term.

The seats of first-term council members Doug Marklein and Brian Fitzgerald also are up for election.

Marklein announced on Facebook Monday, Dec. 1, 2014, that he plans to run for reelection as well.

"Well, It's time to throw the hat back into the ring! So spread the word. You can sign the papers starting Monday Dec 1," he wrote.

The deadline to have nomination papers in is 5 p.m. Jan. 6.

(This story has been updated with Marklein's announcement that he will run again.)

BELOIT -- After many years of hosting the Holiday Spectacular as the Beloit Janesville Symphony, the tradition will continue on, but the organization will be offering the performance this year under its new name -- The Rock River Philharmonic.

eline270/280 AD-c.343AD: The real St. Nicholas lived to become the most accurate ancestral depiction of Santa Claus. He disguised himself in a hooded cloak to leave gifts for children of the poor and underprivileged.

( Read more: Old World Santa is well-suited for the job)

1822: “A Visit From St. Nicholas” poem, aka “Twas the Night Before Christmas” by Clement Clark Moore describes St. Nicholas. Artist Thomas Nast used Moore’s description of “a little old driver, so lively and quick.” He was dressed all in fur, with a peddler’s pack on his back. This eyes twinkled, his dimples were merry, cheeks like roses, nose like a cherry. He had a beard as white as snow, a pipe and a little round belly.

1857: Harper’s Weekly illustration by Nast shows Santa leaving a snowy landscape. Explorations of the Artic and the North Pole soon caused Santa’s homeland to become associated with the North Pole.

1866: “Santa Claus and His Works” by Nast is published in Harper’s Weekly. This was the first major depiction of Santa Claus featuring Santa as a jolly old man with white beard and hair, dressed in all fur, carrying a peddler’s sack.

1871: Nast publishes an illustration of Santa sitting at his desk reading letters from parents listing their children as good or bad. Santa is shown to be somewhat of a disciplinarian.

1870: Nast depicts a little girl dropping a letter to Santa in the mailbox — the first time a child sends a letter to Santa.

1873-1940: St. Nicholas Magazine published as a magazine for children.

1879: Nast’s illustration this year is of Santa Claus as a benevolent old man whose greatest gift is love for all. He is shown hugging a group of children.

1922: Norman Rockwell combines saintly St. Nicholas and the jolly old elf in his depiction of Santa published in the Saturday Evening Post.

1931-1964: Haddon Sundbloom creates the Santa for Coca-Cola’s “Thirst Knows No Season” campaign. Santa is now life-size in a red suit trimmed in white fur, complete with a big belt with brass buckle.

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