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STATELINE NEWS -- A shooting in Summit Park on the evening of June 27 is the most recent incident in a rash of shootings in Beloit that has community members concerned.

Gretchen Thurman has lived in the neighborhood surrounding Summit Park for 10 years. In that time, she says it seems to her like there’s been an increase in violence. A passer-by wouldn’t know it traveling by the park on most days.

MESSENGER -- Autumn recently graduated from Craig High School and now plans to attend Blackhawk Technical College to study culinary arts.

Autumn, 19, of Janesville, said that opportunity would not have been possible if it wasn’t for the help she received from Project 16:49, an organization that works with unaccompanied homeless teenagers.

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Iconic bait shop is a real keeper

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WALWORTH COUNTY SUNDAY -- On an overcast morning, neither Brian Gates nor his wife, Nancy, are anywhere to be found at their iconic bait store just north of Williams Bay. Behind the counter, and seated at a table possibly constructed from the side of a pontoon boat panel and four wooden fence posts, a petite woman cleans a cooler full of bluegills, crappies and one prized walleye.

“He should be back soon,” says Sherry Alcantar, her eyes never lifting from the filet knife, when asked if Brian is around. “He had to go help someone whose boat stalled on the lake.”

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Fourth of July fireworks and events 2014

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Fireworks and events in the Stateline area, 2014

STATELINE NEWS -- For those who don’t live here, Beloit can be a city of surprising attractions. Community-made public art, historic buildings and a beautiful riverfront are just some of the treasures awaiting intrepid visitors.

Tucked in an old church alongside the river is another local gem: the Angel Museum. A feature of numerous tourism books and websites over the years, this unique attraction continues to draw attention even as it strives to thrive in changing times.

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