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Beloit Interim Police Chief David Zibolski will be staying around for at least a little while after the city of Green Bay selected Andrew Smith as its next chief of police.

Zibolski had been one of three finalists for the job. Zibolaski has made no secret of his desire to become a police chief. He said last month that he would be interested in a permanent job in Beloit should the job open up.

Zibolski was hired as interim chief in June, after Chief Norm Jacobs and Deputy Chief Tom Dunkin were placed on administrative leave.

The fate of Jacobs and Dunkin now is in the hands of Beloit's Police and Fire Commission.

Smith, according to the Green Bay Press Gazette, spent nearly three decades with the Los Angeles Police Department but has strong ties to Wisconsin. He was born in Waukesha and raised in Iron Mountain, Michigan.

Editor’s note: Saving Downtown is an award-winning series by freelance writer Lisa Schmelz exploring how Walworth County communities are breathing new life into their historic downtown districts. This is the sixth installment.

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WALWORTH COUNTY SUNDAY -- On a recent Sunday afternoon, the streets of historic Sharon were eerily quiet. There were very few cars, very few people and many vacant storefronts in this rural village on the Wisconsin-Illinois stateline. Don Weig, 82, owns three of those empty buildings in what appears more Hollywood set than a place of commerce.

“The downtown itself is pretty much a ghost town, with the exception of the restaurant, the bank, the gun shop and the telephone company,” Weig said. “It’s not what it used to be.”

Friday, 11 December 2015 11:22

Putting winter weather in perspective

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JANESVILLE MESSENGER --  Other than the snowstorm that quickly moved through the area last month, the weather of late has been anything but winterlike.

That’s been no surprise to John Frye, associate geography professor at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, who said a strong El Niño weather system is enveloping the northern states this winter.

WALWORTH COUNTY SUNDAY -- State and local housing markets seem to be warming up, not cooling down, in record numbers this fall.

According to data from the Wisconsin Realtors Association, the state’s housing market finished the third quarter of 2015 well ahead of pace from last year. September 2015 home sales were 11.1 percent higher than September 2014, and the median price of an existing home was up 4.3 percent to $155,375 in September 2015, compared to September last year.

That’s capping a great year overall so far. Comparing the first nine months of 2015 with the first nine months of 2014, home sales rose 12.6 percent, and the median price increased 5.7 percent to $157,000.  

Millions of Cheeseheads worldwide rode the same emotional roller coaster that he did every week for 16 years in Green Bay, and most fans would do it again for one Brett Lorenzo Favre.

Peyton Manning has surpassed several of No. 4’s National Football League records, and several others may do the same during the next few years. However, no one will match the iconic status or the gunslinger mentality of the quarterback from Kiln, Mississippi -- or his 336 interceptions. Favre’s toughness and kid-on-the-sandlot playing style were unmatched, at least at the QB position, and it helped the Packers reach the postseason 11 times during his stay.

Some left the Green and Gold bandwagon, and have never jumped back on, after Favre’s messy divorce from the team that ushered in the Aaron Rodgers era. But his season in New York and two years with rival Minnesota -- along with his many off-the-field transgressions, such as substance abuse issues and a sexual harassment lawsuit -- may not have been forgotten but have been forgiven by most.


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