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FTP Information

File Transfer Protocol (FTP) should be used instead of email for transferring larger ads, documents and/or images and supporting files. Do not use a web browser as an FTP client. While current browser versions feature upload and download capability via FTP, they are much slower than a raw FTP client and may pose a serious security risk.

Listed below are a few of the FTP clients available and their corresponding download sites, each depending on your specific platform (Mac or PC):

PC Clients:
Smart FTP -
CuteFTP -

Mac Clients:
RBrowser -

Or you can do a search using the keyword: 'ftp' to locate other FTP client software.

Though file compression is not an FTP requirement, it's always a good idea to compress your files before sending them. Not only does this speed up the file transfer because the file is smaller, but it helps keep the file intact, thus avoiding costly file corruption that can occur while downloading and/or uploading. Also, if you have several files to send through, compressing makes them one archive, which is easier and quicker to deal with in the long run.

Two of the most common compression utilities are Stuffit (Mac) and WinZip(PC).
To obtain our ftp information, please contact our Prepress Department: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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