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Yes, zucchini is easy to grow, and once we get the kind of rain we have lately it seems like it literally explodes. And then there’s the fact that gardeners usually are pretty waste-not, want-not types of folks and so they tend to get a bit schizophrenic when they have to find recipients for their overflow. If you don’t grow your own, I hope you know one or two of these zucchini givers. If so, you probably need a few recipes.

Strawberries take time. Time to plant, time for waiting for them to develop and time for them to ripen -- this last item seeming to take an interminably long piece of time.

Brad Kauer knows this firsthand. He planted three acres of strawberries last year and now they’ve blossomed and a few anxious berries have ripened, but he’s waiting for more to ripen before opening his fields to the public for picking your own.

“I’m hoping they’re ready by the 15th (of June),?but it all depends on the weather,”?Kauer said.

That’s true of all strawberry farms, of course, so whether you plan to go to Kauer’s Blue Clay Berry Farm in Delavan or one of the other pick-your-own farms listed at the right, be sure to call ahead for the picking schedule.

In the meantime, get your tastebuds ready for a taste of summer. And when or if you get tired of snacking on the ripe red berries a la carte, try one of these recipes.

July 4 is coming up fast and that means we’ll all be saluting the red, white and blue. I

like the theme of those colors when it comes to food, too. But this year, I thought I’d emphasize the blue, as in blue cheese. It’s an acquired taste, I know, but if you like blue cheese, you love blue cheese and can’t help trying to convert others to your peculiar tastes. Blue cheese is more versatile than at first you might think. Actually, it’s quite easy to go from appetizer to dessert all in good taste. So, while these recipes are inspired by our national holiday, you may want to keep them for a more elegant setting than the backyard patio. Blue cheese, however, does make a heck of a good topping for a grilled steak or baked potato.

There’s been a lot of talk about eating local or eating in season, yet there seems to be confusion on what that means. Simply put, it means eating what’s available locally. We all know apples grow here in the Midwest, but they are picked in the fall, which means the apples in the store have been stored under specific conditions to keep them.

It’s time to get your dairy fix on and grab a breakfast with pancakes and all the fixins. June is Dairy Month events unofficially began with the Cows on the Concourse event in Madison, held the first Saturday of the month in conjunction with the Dane County Farmers Market.

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