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August is National Goat Cheese month, appropriate for a couple of reasons. Goat cheese is at its best when it is young -- weeks or days old. Goats are adament foragers, and in the summer they eat a great variety of grasses, herbs and berries. This makes the milk, and the cheese made from it, even more flavorful.

Summer just wouldn’t taste good if we didn’t have ... you guessed it, sweet corn. Sweet corn on the grill, sweet corn boiled up hot and steamy dripping with butter, sweet corn at the fair, sweet corn at the corn and brat festivals and sweet corn to be bought at the farmers markets and roadside stands. I mean, you name it, we are surrounded by sweet corn and that is exactly how we like it. 

Roasting is a great way to cook vegetables, especially root vegetables such as onions, potatoes, carrots, sweet potatoes, beets, parsnips, sunchokes and beets. Roasting enhances the flavor of kohlrabi, fennel and celeriac. Radishes also can be roasted, the bright red color adding a lively dash to cauliflower, for example.

Not only is roasting a flavorful way to cook vegetables, it’s easy. Clean, cut and wash the vegetables. Add a drizzle of olive oil and a dash of salt, pop in the oven for 20 minutes to 40 minutes at 425 F and you’re done. 

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Bok choy is easily found in markets, store

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Bok choy, or Chinese cabbage, is the main ingredient in many Asian dishes. It’s easily found this time of year at farmers markets and grocery stores. Here are two of my favorite recipes:

Yes, zucchini is easy to grow, and once we get the kind of rain we have lately it seems like it literally explodes. And then there’s the fact that gardeners usually are pretty waste-not, want-not types of folks and so they tend to get a bit schizophrenic when they have to find recipients for their overflow. If you don’t grow your own, I hope you know one or two of these zucchini givers. If so, you probably need a few recipes.

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