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It was one of those summer evenings years ago when the sun seems to stay up forever. One of those days when teenagers are out looking for something fun to do outside.

I was driving on a quiet country road after picking up a friend. Where we were going now is lost to memory, but this much is not. As I drove, I saw a small dog in the road ahead. It was in my lane, only a couple of feet from the ditch.

Friday, 21 February 2014 14:24

Lykeminded blog: Yesterday came suddenly

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In yet another reminder that my youth has waved a hankie and shouted "bon voyage," this month marked the 50th anniversary of the Beatles’ arrival in America.

When this subject came up at a recent arts meeting, I realized that I was one of only two people at the table who was alive when this moment in history occurred.

STATELINE NEWS -- Mike Powers has won a lot of games in four-plus seasons since taking over the Clinton girls basketball team. But his best coaching job was turned in Feb. 1, in a rare game he watched from the stands as a fan.

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Members of his youth group from Faith Community Church in Janesville, Cougar players and kids and coaches from Beloit Turner and Jefferson also helped create the largest crowd of the season -- to support South Beloit.

Illinois government is in terrible shape, plagued by high levels of corruption and too many dishonest leaders. Legislators are failing to respond to the needs of average citizens, which only worsens voter cynicism.

One recent Paul Simon Institute study showed that 77 percent of Illinoisans believe government corruption is widespread, and the National Conference on Citizenship reports that only 15 percent of us feel state government does the right thing most of time.

During my 51 years of usefully creating carbon dioxide, I have been fortunate to avoid major medical problems and hospital stays.

So it was with great hesitation and fear of the unknown that I approached my recent foot surgery for bunion and hammertoe. Not only was it the first time I was seriously scalpeled, but also my first long recovery and rehabilitation period.

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