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STATELINE NEWS -- A shooting in Summit Park on the evening of June 27 is the most recent incident in a rash of shootings in Beloit that has community members concerned.

Gretchen Thurman has lived in the neighborhood surrounding Summit Park for 10 years. In that time, she says it seems to her like there’s been an increase in violence. A passer-by wouldn’t know it traveling by the park on most days.

STATELINE NEWS -- Glory should know shortly if she’s advanced from the semifinal round of the Hero Dog Awards contest held annually by the American Humane Association.

The Beloit Fire Department K-9, trained in accelerant detection, works under handler Lt. Keith Lynn at the Beloit Fire Department, and was nominated for the contest in February. Voting in the semifinal round ended Monday.

TOWN of LAFAYETTE -- The Walworth County Zoning Agency voted unanimously tonight (June 19, 2014) to table a conditional use application that would have given Southwind RAS LLC
the ability to operate a proposed shingle recycling operation on the old B.R. Amon and Sons pit on Potter Road.

Despite a strong opposition from residents in attendance, the agency re-scheduled a final decision to ext month's meeting on July 17 pending more specific information on the conditional use permit currently in effect on the property.


Zoning agency to consider controversial shingle recycling plan

STATELINE NEWS-- For some, the allergy season is ending.For others, the suffering will last for a few more months, if not through the rest of the year.

 Most allergy sufferers, whether seasonal or year-round, eventually settle on their own personal methods of dealing with their symptoms. That might include allergy shots, regular medication or a host of other options.

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But some sneezers and snifflers have found successful alternatives to traditional medications and treatments.

WALWORTH COUNTY SUNDAY -- The 38th annual Walworth County Dairy Breakfast will be held, rain or shine, from 6 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. Saturday, June 14, at the Walworth County Fairgrounds with some activities running until noon. The event will feature a craft fair, exhibits, a small animal display, entertainment, a free bus ride to a local farm for demonstrations and a tour and, of course, a belt buckle-busting breakfast.

Thursday, 29 May 2014 00:00

Going wild for morels

STATELINE NEWS -- There is a humble fungus, both delicious and elusive, that goes by many names -- dryland fish, hickory chickens, molly moochers, sponge mushrooms or honeycomb mushrooms -- but here in Wisconsin we just call them morels.

Hunting the ephemeral, brainlike mushroom has been a regular practice among humans throughout history, and every year hundreds of foragers head out to partake in the time-honored tradition.

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Jim Cheadle of Beloit, who writes the Scales and Tails column in the Stateline News, has been on the hunt for the better part of 50 years.

It would seem that the long winter is finally relinquishing its grasp on the region, and just in time for festival season.

Every year, throughout the summer and fall, Rock and Walworth counties is host to a variety of entertaining, interesting and fun festivals and events. These happenings not only provide locals with engaging family-friendly activities, but also draw in residents from outlying communities and give them a reason to stop by and visit us.

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"Each of these festivals and special events really provide us with an essential component to our tourism package," said Christine Rebout, executive director of the Janesville Area Convention and Visitors Bureau. "People may be drawn to the community for a sporting event or another activity in town, but when we provide a vast array of festivals and special events, they are much more likely to stay longer and bring additional family members."

STATELINE NEWS -- The things about Young at Heart Festival that residents have come to love over its long history remain the same as they’ve always been, such as the fun rides, family activities, deep-fried food, the beer garden and live music.

Even though much remains the same, the festival has added new attractions over the years.

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This will be the fifth year for the Young at Heart Idol contest, and Parks Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Diana Johnson said it’s drawing larger crowds each year.

STATELINE NEWS -- Last Saturday, in preparation for the fifth VetsRoll tour to Washington, D.C., that leaves Beloit this Sunday, May 18, 2014, this year’s participants sat for a portrait to preserve a record of the event.

( Photos and video )

The photographs were taken by Tim Storm, who upon hearing about the chance to catalog this special event, jumped at the opportunity.

Storm, who founded the coupon and shopping website in 1999 and has since sold the company, now spends his semi-retirement capturing images of others.

STATELINE NEWS -- Beloit is known for many things. For instance, you can say some of our claims to fame include the Beloit International Film Festival, Beloit College and our growing farmers market; you even can credit us for inventing the precursor to the modern day Cheeto.

Comedy, however, isn’t very high on that list -- yet. BCity BFunny, a small, but blossoming, group of local comedians hope to change that.

Rock County’s fledgling comedy scene includes Friday Night Comedy at The Armory in Janesville and the open mic Wednesdays at Rooney’s in Beloit.

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